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After Johnny takes the cigarette back, Hong Mei stands at her full height again--although her height isn't terribly impressive, barely over five feet--and looks a little more closely at the boy. There's a familiar sort of air about him, overwhelmed and out of his element, but perhaps from a place where a quick rebound is necessary, judging from the terseness of his voice and furrow of his brow. Her smile fades a little at the mention of him suggesting that he shouldn't be able to walk, and for a moment she bites down on her lower lip.

She tucks her hands into her pockets, acting a little shier than she actually is. It's disarming, usually.

"You're in the City. It's not on Earth, but I also don't think it's any version of an afterlife that you can come up with. It's a place that seems to pull people from different places and times together without any real reason." Her grin is a little lopsided, sheepish. "Bet you think I'm crazy. People don't really... die here, though, if that's what you were hinting at."
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